Sunday, February 05, 2006

Women's Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran

To our readership,
Women's Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran iscommitted to promote a greater awareness of thechallenges women face living under thefundamentalist regimes like Iran. Our tasks rangesfrom raising public awareness, conducting researchprojects, initiating outreach programs, to policydiscussions and analysis. We firmly believe thepolitical presence, participation and leadership ofwomen are the essential elements in achievingsocial, political and economic equality. We are agroup of individuals concerned with the growingthreat of fundamentalism worldwide. We submit to thedefinition of fundamentalism explained in thecomparative study of religions, as embodiment ofbackwardness in its host cultures or religion.Ourprimary area of focus is the IslamicFundamentalism in Iran, established as a form of government in1979.

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